For your convenience we have made a demo version of the product available on our site. It has all the features of the actual product except that all editing operations are disabled.

Please note that there is also a fully functional trial version available which you can download and use on your own site for 30 days. The trial version will let you see how Stuffed Tracker works with any license. You can easily choose which version you'd like to try during the installation process. 

Several things you need to know about the demo:

  • It has an Agency license installed which allows you to work with statistics gathered for the sites of several different companies (see comparision table for the differences between Agency and Merchant licenses).
  • It contains dummy data for non-existent sites. The data is constantly updated by a smart robot which tries to make it look as close to real life as possible.
  • You can choose to login as the administrator (owner of the tracker), as a regular user from a client company, or as a super user from a client company. Using the latter 2 logins will allow you to work with the tracker in exactly the same way as your clients will be able to work with it (it is possible to remove the original Stuffed Tracker branding and copyright with a special White Label license, which is already included with every Agency license).

Please note, that in order to be able to log into the demo version you should have cookies enabled in your browser.

Log in as an Administrator

Has complete access to all features and settings in Stuffed Tracker.

Log in as a Regular Client User

Has only access to statistics of his/her company's sites.

Log in as a Super Client User

Has access to statistics of his/her company's sites as well as to the settings for his/her company ("Settings" tab). Can create additional users in his/her company.

Personal $79.95
Merchant $129.95
Agency $299.95