Stuffed Tracker does lots of work behind the scenes automatically. It prepares the requested reports, archives the reports, removes the old statistical data, renews the visitors geo data, browsers and operating systems data, processes the tracking requests that were logged when Delayed tracking was enabled.

You can access a complete log of everything the tracker is doing behind the scenes on a special page in the Administration section. You will always know if there are any problems that require your attention, if the tracker manages to complete the tasks on time or maybe you need to tweak some settings.

We strongly advise to setup the cron script right after you finish the tracker's installation. Ideally it should be launched every minute to minimize the waiting time (for cases when a user requested to prepare a report). This doesn't mean that the script will do something every minute. It has built-in logic that decides whether it should finish immediately or there are outstanding tasks that have to be done. 

Personal $79.95
Merchant $129.95
Agency $299.95