• Powerful reports constructor

    More then fifty different core reports, which you can use to create exactly the reports that you need. Billions of report variations are possible. That's as close to infinity as you can get!

  • Ad campaigns statistics

    Advertising effectiveness: incoming traffic analysis, visitors conversion, ROI.

  • Sales tracking

    The most important information: what have you sold, how much you've earned, who are your customers and where they've come from.

  • Actions tracking

    Form submissions, file downloads, newsletter subscriptions -- know everything that happens on your site.

  • Split tests

    Which of your landing pages are the most successful and convert your visitors better?

  • Funnels

    Identify the bottlenecks on your site. Find out which pages turn away your visitors.

  • Detailed logs and visitor paths

    You can see every visitor step on the site, everything they do. You won't miss any important information.

  • Search bots statistics

    The vital information about search bots activity on your site.

  • Delayed tracking

    You site has a lot of visitors that you need to track? Dramatically reduce your server's load and make your site always quick to respond.

  • Visitors geo location

    Learn from which parts of the world, countries and cities your visitors are arriving to your site.

  • Natural traffic statistics

    That's the required functionality for any statistics software. So, naturally, Stuffed Tracker can do this too.

  • Reports caching

    You don't have server resources as powerful as Google's? Then allow Stuffed Tracker to prepare the reports for you in advance -- when your server has the smallest load.

  • Reports archive

    Save the statistics of the previous advertising campaigns in the archive for future reference, remove the old data from the main tracker's database and make the reports generation much quicker.

  • Old statistics removal

    Don't let the old statistics data to slow down the reports generation!

  • Javascript, PHP and ActionScript tracking

    We give you various ways to gather statistics. Even if your site is built completely with Flash you will still be able to track your visitor movements!

  • Cookie + IP tracking combined

    Stuffed Tracker does everything possible to track a complete visitor path. Even if the visitor has deleted the tracking cookie.

  • Click fraud detection

    Easily detect if any fraudsters are clicking on your ads. Pay only for legit visitors.

  • Quick database search

    You can easily find keywords, visitors and other information from the database.

  • Visitor and sales tags

    Tags will allow to easily separate the visitors or the sales into different groups.

  • Online map

    Have some fun: open the map on a big display in a full screen mode and watch in real time as visitors from different parts of the world are arriving to your site.

Personal $79.95
Merchant $129.95
Agency $299.95