Identify the bottlenecks on your site. Find out which pages turn away your visitors.

To help you understand where are the bottlenecks on your site which reduce the conversion rate of your visitors we have implemented a Funnels functionality in Stuffed Tracker. With the help of Funnels you can analyze the most common paths of your visitors and understand on which step of the path most of the visitors get distracted, lose interest and go away from the site.

The Funnels functionality in Stuffed Tracker not only allows you to define a particular set of pages that a visitor should open, but it also allows to specify an abstract visitor path not connected directly to particular pages and URLs. This will help you to get a much better understanding of your visitors behavior.

Every step of the path that you define for a Funnel can be:

  1. A click from an advertising link.
  2. A page opened via a split-test.
  3. A page opened via a referring link.
  4. A visitor action.
  5. A sale.
  6. An ordinary page load.

The number of the visitor steps in the funnel is not limited.

The most wonderful thing is that you don't need to wait while the statistics is being gathered after you have created a new Funnel. The functionality is able to  analyze the visitor paths that are already tracked and present in the tracker's statistics database*!

* Please note, that the Funnel reports can only be prepared via a cron script.

Personal $79.95
Merchant $129.95
Agency $299.95