More then fifty different core reports, which you can use to create exactly the reports that you need. Billions of report variations are possible. That's as close to infinity as you can get!

It is certainly great to have a large number of reports for various statistical data. But it is even better to be able to make the outcome of one report to be more specific by applying another report to it.

Imagine that you are able to see in the report what file on your site was downloaded the most by the visitors that came to the site from the search engine A, using a keyword B, all the visitors being from country C, using a browser D on operation system E. And all this happened on month F, year G.

You can look at the same information from different angle (using a different set of reports): what search keywords resulted in the most downloads of file A by the visitors from country B, which came from a search engine C, on month D, year E and advertising campaign F.

You can build such reports with our reports constructor, save them and have them quickly accessible with just one click.

Of course with so many possible report combinations there could be combinations that are not really useful to you. But you never know what information you might want to extract from the gathered statistical data tomorrow. We think that you should always be able to construct any report, using any combination of the core reports. And you will surely find hundreds of the report combinations immediately useful.

With every report that you create in the reports constructor you also get a powerful filters functionality (which allows you to customize each report even more) and a set of built-in Flash charts, which present the information from the report in a visual manner.

We are absolutely sure that you will spend lots of time in the reports constructor, discovering new reports and extracting the data that you never thought was possible to extract before from your statistics. It will help you to better understand what exactly is happening on your site.

Here is a list of core reports available in the constructor: "sites", "site hosts", "requested pages", "requested URLs', "page groups", "page titles", "post click pages", "split-tests", "search engines", "natural keywords", "paid keyword", "referrering links", "referring hosts", "ad campaign groups", "ad campaigns", "years", "months", "dates", "weekdays", "hours", "action groups", "actions", "action targets", "sales", "products", "sales tags", "sales conversion length", "visitors", "visitor tags", "visitor browsers", "user-agents", "browser versions", "browser engines", "operating system", "screen resolution", "screen color depth", "flash version", "countries", "cities", "visit length", "number of visits", "visit depth", "entry pages", "exit pages".

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