The vital information about search bots activity on your site.

To get a steady flow of new visitors your site should be present in all major search engines. Stuffed Tracker can't force the search engine to index your site more often or display the site higher in the search results. But it can provide you the information on how search engine bots are indexing your site. You will be able to learn what search engines are indexing your site, how oftern search engines bots are visiting your site and what pages they index.

Bots statistics is stored and displayed separately from the statistics for the human visitors. If you will notice that Stuffed Tracker was not able to identify some of the bots correctly, you can always send the information about such bots to us, we will update our bots database and after a simple web update your tracker will start to recognize the new bots too.

Also, you can tell Stuffed Tracker what bots should be ignored and not counted in the statistics. Not every bot is really interesting, your site might be crawled by various bots that have nothing to do with search engines. It's quite useful to be able to ignore them.

* Please note that search bots tracking is only possible when you use PHP tracking on your site.

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Agency $299.95