Which of your landing pages are the most successful and convert your visitors better?

How often did you wonder if you have the right words and images on your landing page (the page where visitors arrive from your advertising)? What if changing just one image on the page could increase the visitor conversion rate several times? You will never know this without testing.

The good news is that there is a technology that can help you quickly determine the best version of your landing page. It is called Split-Testing and it is implemented in Stuffed Tracker.

Stuffed Tracker will randomly show different versions of the same landing page to your visitors. It will make sure that each version of the page is displayed the same number of times overall and it will even display the same version of the page to the same visitor (to make their experience with your site consistent).

With split-tests you will be able to quickly see which version of the page has a good conversion rate and which one is just a waste of the advertising money. Get rid of the unsuccessful version, keep the good one and your overall conversion will increase. Simple!

Personal $79.95
Merchant $129.95
Agency $299.95