Don't let the old statistics data to slow down the reports generation!

After you will put the old data in the archive you will eventually want to delete it from the main database too. Stuffed Tracker can do this for you. You only need to specify your preferences Ч how long you want to keep the data in the database and what data exactly to keep. After this Stuffed Tracker will be removing the old data automatically.

It might be disturbing to know that the software is deleting some data on its own. What if you will need the deleted data some day? But don't worry about this. If you will enable the reports archiving function, Stuffed Tracker will never delete the data until it is put in the archive. For example, if you've specified that you want to archive a year report, then until the current year will end the statistics for it will be kept in the database. The same is true for all other time periods that you've asked the tracker to archive.

Personal $79.95
Merchant $129.95
Agency $299.95