Tags will allow to easily separate the visitors or the sales into different groups.

Do you want to separate all the tracked visitors into those who registered on your site and those who did not? Or put customers who have made at least one purchase and ordinary visitors into separate groups? Or specially tag visitors who wanted to make a purchase but didn't do it for some reason?

No problem at all. You can tag your visitors with any number of tags (for example: 'customer', 'registered user', 'forum user') and then look at the stats for each tagged visitor group separately.

You can also save visitor names. If you've never used Stuffed Tracker before, you have no idea how interesting and exciting it is to find a real name of the visitor in the visitor paths report instead of some anonymous "Visitor 13490". Just imagine that you are looking at the visitor paths in the tracker and notice a visitor "John Doe" with whom you've talked just a day before in your support system and you can see what exactly he is doing on the site.

Add personalization to your statistics and you will wonder how you lived without it!


Personal $79.95
Merchant $129.95
Agency $299.95