For owners of personal sites, blogs and other small sites.

Despite being the most affordable version of Stuffed Tracker, it will nonetheless give you the comprehensive data about your site visitors.

This version gives you access to the reports constructor, detailed logs and visitors paths, visitors geo location, actions tracking, search engines and bots statistics as well as many other functions of the tracker not having to do with paid traffic.

Key features
  • Powerful reports constructor

    More then fifty different core reports, which you can use to create exactly the reports that you need. Billions of report variations are possible. That's as close to infinity as you can get!

  • Actions tracking

    Form submissions, file downloads, newsletter subscriptions -- know everything that happens on your site.

  • Detailed logs and visitor paths

    You can see every visitor step on the site, everything they do. You won't miss any important information.

  • Visitors geo location

    Learn from which parts of the world, countries and cities your visitors are arriving to your site.

  • Natural traffic statistics

    That's the required functionality for any statistics software. So, naturally, Stuffed Tracker can do this too.

  • Reports archive

    Save the statistics of the previous advertising campaigns in the archive for future reference, remove the old data from the main tracker's database and make the reports generation much quicker.

  • Old statistics removal

    Don't let the old statistics data to slow down the reports generation!

  • Quick database search

    You can easily find keywords, visitors and other information from the database.

And more
Search bots statistics, Reports caching, Javascript, PHP and ActionScript tracking, Cookie + IP tracking combined, Visitor and sales tags, Online map, Easy software updates, Multiple languages support, Multiple users support, Easily create your own skins, Ignore IPs, Custom report parameters, Data preparation script, Browsers and search engines detection
$ 79.95