Personal $79.95

For owners of personal sites, blogs and other small sites.

Merchant $129.95

For business owners who wish to track advertising effectiveness themselves.

Agency $299.95

For marketing and design agencies who provide SEO and/or marketing services to their clients.

What is Stuffed Tracker?

Stuffed Tracker is a unique package of tools to gather your website statistics, analyze visitors behavior and ad campaign effectiveness, track sales, calculate conversions and ROI.

Many of the technologies that are used in Stuffed Tracker are unique, and all of them are aimed at giving you maximum flexibility in statistics analysis. We have already been developing the product for a few years and are not going to stop until we gather all the best tracking technologies in one single product. To tell you the truth, even then we are not going to stop.

Well help you to make the choice. Study the full list of the program features, have a look at the screenshots, try the demo version.

You also have constantly updated online manual at your disposal.

Key features

  • Powerful reports constructor

    More then fifty different core reports, which you can use to create exactly the reports that you need. Billions of report variations are possible. That's as close to infinity as you can get!

  • Ad campaigns statistics

    Advertising effectiveness: incoming traffic analysis, visitors conversion, ROI.

  • Sales tracking

    The most important information: what have you sold, how much you've earned, who are your customers and where they've come from.

  • Actions tracking

    Form submissions, file downloads, newsletter subscriptions -- know everything that happens on your site.

  • Split tests

    Which of your landing pages are the most successful and convert your visitors better?

  • Funnels

    Identify the bottlenecks on your site. Find out which pages turn away your visitors.