In order to start measuring your ad campaigns effectiveness you need to setup the campaigns in Tracker and generate ad links for them.

You can manage your campaigns in the "Campaigns" section. Here you can create, edit, group campaigns and specify their costs Ч as a total or per click.

Once a campaign is created, you can start generating links for it. In the ad links you can specify keywords that should be tracked when visitors will be clicking on the links; you can also generate redirecting ad links that will track a click and redirect the visitor to the destination landing page (when redirection is not used, Tracker will expect that a landing page has a standard visitor tracking code inside); and you can also combine an ad link and a split-test link in one link which can be used both to track a click and to send the visitor through a split test.

After you will put the generated links in your ads Tracker will begin gathering campaign statistics. For a thorough statistics analysis you can use such features of Tracker as the reports constructor, log reports and the visitor paths report.

Personal $79.95
Merchant $129.95
Agency $299.95