Before you begin the installation please note that if you are planning to track sales and your “thank you”
page (which is displayed right after a successful sale) is located on a secure site, you would need to install Tracker on a secure site too (accessed with “https://” instead of “http://”). A secure site where Tracker should be installed can be different from the one where ordering pages are located.

If you are not planning to track sales or your “thank you” page is located on a non-secure site then you can ignore the above recommendation.

If you are upgrading an existing Tracker installation, please go to the Upgrade section for detailed instructions.

The zip

Please download the zip file with all Tracker files if you haven’t already done so. You can download the file directly to your server or to your local computer, whatever you prefer.

After you will have the zip file, you will need to unpack it preserving the directory structure inside of the archive (all modern archive tools do this by default). On Windows you can use a tool like WinZip to do this, on Linux or Unix based server you can use an unzip command if it is available:


If you’ve decided to unpack the archive on your local machine first, then you will also need to transfer all unpacked files and directories to the server. You can do this with any FTP client, for example CuteFTP on Windows. We advise to first create a separate directory on your site for the tracker and then upload all the files from the distribution archive to this newly created directory.

Setting permissions

After you will put all files and directories from the distribution archive in a directory on your server, you will need to set up correct file and directory permissions so that Tracker can function properly. You can do this with your FTP program or directly from a command line on your sever.

First you should rename “empty.conf.vars.php” file to “conf.vars.php”. Then make sure that directory “store” and file “conf.vars.php” is readable and writable by the server (on Unix servers this usually means setting access rights 0666 for the file and the directory).

Personal $79.95
Merchant $129.95
Agency $299.95