If you are planning to track sales with Tracker and your “thank you” page (that is displayed right after a successful sale) is located on a secure site (accessed with “https://” instead of “http://”) then you would need to make additional arrangements before you would be able to generate proper secure tracking code. Insecure tracking code located on a secure “thank you” page will make a warning about “insecure elements on the page” to appear in the visitor’s browser.

To generate secure tracking code you will need to make Tracker accessible from a secure site (it doesn’t matter if the secure site where Tracker can be accessed is the same as the one with the “thank you” page or it is different, the only requirement is that it should also be secure).

You can check if Tracker is accessible on a particular secure site by trying to open its control panel, using a secure link similar to the one below


where “www.your-secure-domain.com” is the secure site where Tracker can be accessed and “tracker” is the directory where Tracker is located on the site.

Secure site setups can be very different from server to server. If you are not sure how to make Tracker accessible on your secure site or if you don’t know whether you can use a secure site at all, consult your hosting company.

After you’ve made Tracker accessible on a secure site you should go to “Administration” page in the control panel and then click on “General settings” link located in “Program settings” section of the “Administration” page.

On the page that opens, please find a setting called “SSL-protected URL of the tracker”. In the input field to the right of this setting you should specify a secure URL of the directory where Tracker can be accessed on your secure site. For example:


To check if you’ve entered a correct URL, you can click on the “Open URL to see if it is correct” button that is located next to the input field. If you will see Tracker control panel in the new window (even the Login page) then the URL that you’ve specified is correct.

With this your SSL setup will be complete. You only need to do this once for all of the sites that you are going to track.

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