After creating a split test you can add to it as many pages for testing as you want.

For the already created split-test Tracker will give you a target URL, which you can use in your ad or any other place that should be linking to a split-test.

You can choose one of the two ways of choosing pages for redirection. By clicking the test link, the visitor should get to one of the pages indicated in the test Ч chosen either randomly or sequentially.

Moreover, you choose if one visitor always gets to one and the same page or it is going to be a different page every time.

All operations the visitor makes on the site after going through the split-test will be associated with one of the test pages, and you will be able to assess the efficiency of each page via Reports Constructor or on a separate page of the split-test statistics.

In addition, you can combine the link to the split test and the link to an ad campaign, and indicate the keywords for this link if necessary. This will be important for ad campaign statistics.

Personal $79.95
Merchant $129.95
Agency $299.95