Now you are ready to launch the installation wizard. Just open your browser and point it to the directory on your server where you’ve installed Tracker. For example, if you’ve uploaded the tracker indirectory “tracker”, use an URL similar to the one below

Please replace “” with an actual URL of your site.

Or, if you are installing Tracker on a secure site, use an URL similar to the one below:

Please replace “” with an actual URL of your secure site.

If you did everything correctly – you will see the first page of the installation wizard (shown below).

If instead of the wizard you see a server error page please rename the “.htaccess” file which is located in the root Tracker’s directory to “.htaccess.old” or just delete it and try to open the URL mentioned above again.

Step 1 – Choosing a language

Tracker supports a number of different languages. The language that you will choose on this step will be used on the subsequent steps in the installation wizard and in the program itself. You will be able to change this setting after the installation in the control panel.

Step 2 – License agreement

Please read the Tracker license carefully. If you agree to all terms then please check “I accept the license” checkbox and continue to the next step.

Step 3 – License key

If you’ve already purchased a license key for Tracker, then please enter it in the text box on this page. If you are only evaluating the product, then just choose the version you'd like to try and press “Request trial key” button. You will be able to use the product for 30 days without any limitations.

Step 4 – Settings

To complete this step please make sure that you have your database access details at hand (please consult your hosting company about these details if you are not sure what they are).

  • Database host – the default value “localhost” should work for most of the cases. You only need to change it, if your database is located on a different server from the one where you install Tracker.
  • Database port – the default entry “3306” is a standard port that MySQL uses. Unless you have a non-standard database setup, you don’t need to change this.
  • Database name – a name of the database that Tracker should use.
  • Database username – a name of the user that has access to the database which you’ve specified in the “Database name” field.
  • Database password – a password of the user that has access to the database which you’ve specified in the “Database name” field.
  • Tables prefix – this is a prefix that would be used for all database tables that Tracker would create in your database. This is a useful setting when you are using one database for several different products, or even for several different installations of Tracker. If you are unsure about this setting, just leave the default “ns” entry intact.

Step 5 – Registration information

On this step you are creating an administrator user account that you will use after the installation to login to the control panel. Please fill in all the fields and continue to the next step.

Step 6 – Company information

Here you enter your company information and specify details about the site that you are going to track. You will be able to setup additional sites later in the control panel (if your license permits to track morethen one site).
  • Company name – the name of the company.
  • Company description – a short optional company description, only for your information.
  • Main domain of the site – the main domain of the site that you are going to track, for example “”.

Step 7 – Confirm entered information

Please check that the information that you’ve entered in the previous steps is correct. If something was entered incorrectly, you can use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page to go to the previoussteps and correct things. Please, don’t use the Back button in your browser for this, as some of the entered information might get lost.  If the entered information is correct, please proceed to the next step.

Step 8 – Installation

At this step, the installation wizard creates the required database structure and populates it with the data that you’ve provided. If no problems would be encountered, you will see a message that installation is complete. If the wizard would display an error instead, please try to resolve the problem yourself or contact Guys for assistance.

Please note that when this step is complete you can’t go to previous steps any more.

Remove the “install” directory

After you complete all steps of the installation, please delete the “install” directory located inside the directory where you’ve uploaded/unpacked Tracker on your server. Keeping this directory imposes a potential security risk and we advise to remove it as soon as you successfully complete the installation.

Personal $79.95
Merchant $129.95
Agency $299.95